Can't update the game

  • Hello! I can't update the game through ZB Updater.exe.

    Patch_log says:

    Working path C:\Users\Alex\Desktop\zb
    Has free space True
    Version file doesn't exist or is invalid
    Version file doesn't exist or invalid format
    Returned versions null

    But there is Version file in the game directory. I tried to redownload the game - doesn't help. Any advices? What is valid format for that file?

  • administrators

    Hey there, sorry to hear you're having troubles.

    We updated the download to the latest version (1.08) you can download the file here.

    Hopefully that should solve it for you, please let me know.

  • @Jimbob, it helped. Thank you!

  • Trying to open the game via the updater and first windows says that the the input strings form is not valid and a lot of text, which I can copypaste here if needed, just beware there is a lot of finnish words in it. Patch_log.txt says: "Has free space True
    Version file doesn't exist or is invalid."
    Kept the program running for about 30min and still says its fetching patch information. Downloaded the files from the official website.

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