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    So we released early because we need as much feedback on the game as possible, especially when it comes to the network elements because it's impossible to test otherwise (imagine trying to get 32 people together in a room to play!)

    So if you're experiencing any lag or glitches please let us know.

  • When in game and playing with melee attacks may lag and not register. Walked over ammo (not sure about ammo type) couldn't pick it up. As for network, I'm located in Asia so it could be packet loss or bad network connection. I would also suggest maybe in the future to add a co-op mode where you could add friends to play together. Also, maybe each player could have their own world instead of 1 server connecting people from all over the globe. There is also a bug where I shot one of the stronger zombies or " boss" that it shows that a hit from the bullet is received, but no damage was taken by the zombie. That would be it for now.

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    @GN327 Thanks, yeah we plan on adding the ability to choose servers in the next few updates - so you'll be able to play with friends. I noticed a phantom item when I played earlier - I think it happens when someone has already picked it up but for some reason is still on your screen.

    The melee system needs a bit more work, some feedback - it's planned.

    The Zombies with the skulls above their heads are 8+ levels above you, they will be very difficult to kill.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • so i played a few hours now. but it seems i cant get my character if i try to login again. so far a cool game, but the movement feels not really responsive. i imagine it would be better with w,a,s,d.

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    Thanks for the feedback, we are planning on adding WSAD controls along with joypad support.

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    Hey @WannaSeeMyGun, just dropping you a message to let you know we added WSAD controls in Update 5.

    See here for more info!

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